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workMYwork - getting started
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workMYwork - getting started

workMYwork - getting started

A little over a year ago, I went back to my secondary school for a careers evening. Informally talking to sixth form pupils about life after school. We have all had experience of schools’ career advice and any parents with school leaving kids will know that not much has changed!

There remains a complete lack of sensible, realistic and credible support for young people leaving school. There are plenty of reasons why this is the case, but in todays connected digital world it seems odd that it has not been more fully addressed.

So I have created workMYwork to look for a solution. Primarily as digital platform, I hope to surface useful information initially focussed on anyone leaving school. Like it or not, most people will need to generate an income for well over 30 years and the decisions taken during the final years of school have a significant impact on the opportunities ahead.

Currently, schools are primarily measured on their success feeding the University sector. The market for (and cost/value of) University education has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and while for many the opportunity to study further is worthwhile, for some it isn’t.

The idea is provide accessible information to help young people make an informed decision for themselves. Working with “official” data from Universities as well as student feedback, earnings information and online and offline networks, I hope to help school leavers discover opportunities that offer more than just a job.

For students, parents, schools and employers join in at, like us on Facebook and/or LinkedIn or just drop me email to find out how you can get involved.