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Synology: multiple DDNS entries
2 min read

Synology: multiple DDNS entries

Looking to have multiple DDNS entries from the same provider on your Synology? Read on.
Synology:  multiple DDNS entries

First up - this walk through is for people who want to host multiple domains (with the same provider) on a Synology box AND do not have a fixed IP address.  You have a vanilla Sky/TalkTalk/[enter ISP here] broadband connection and you want your domain name to resolve to a service/container on your Synology?

Synology DSM supports a number of dynamic IP service providers out of the box eg:

  • Google
  • DynDNS
  • DNS-O-Matic
  • NoIP

The problem is if you have more than 1 domain, it only provides a single entry.  I have several domains hosted via google domains - so this guide shows you how to add additional "copies" of the same provider.

The parameters are held in a ddns_providers.conf file which is located in your /etc.defaults folder.

So SSH into your Synology box:

ssh root@

Obviously you may have a different user IP address and if you have specified a different port you will need to add it in:

ssh -p 45 user@

Once logged in you can simply copy the file to a folder that you can access:

cp /etc.defaults/ddns_providers.conf /yourfolder

Then you can open the file in your favourite editor

copy the provider you want multiple entries for and just rename them _1 _2 etc...

Save the file and then copy it back to the original location

cp /yourfolder/ddns_providers.conf /etc.defaults

And you should now have the ability to choose more than 1 instance of the same provider.

BEWARE: sometimes DSM updates reset this file to its orginal state so you might need to re-copy your file after an update.

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