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Ghost in docker on Synology
2 min read

Ghost in docker on Synology

Are you looking to run a simple blog on your Synology NAS? There isn't a ghost package offered via Synology, but you can run it in a docker container and it isn't that difficult.
Ghost in docker on Synology

A guide to running dockerised ghost on Synology - similar to running Wordpress in docker on Synology.

Ghost is even simpler to set up.

Via the registry tab - grab the latest image:

Create the a folder on your NAS

To store data outside the docker container - this will make sure your themes/posts/images and settings can persist after the container has been shut down.

In the docker app - choose "image"

And then select your downloaded ghost:latest and click launch

Build your container -> settings

Give your container a name

Choose advanced settings check Enable auto-restart and proceed to next

Under volume you need to map the folder you created to the docker container

So choose add folder to locate your NAS folder and then enter:


as the mount path.

Under Port Settings you can now define a specific avilable port (if you want to use your own domain) OR choose auto and one will be assigned.

At this point you should be all set up and able to run ghost on your NAS.

However in ghost there are a number of additional settings that will require values to be passed into the container when it is set up.  These include setting the primary URL and providing email settings for a 3rd party service eg: mailgun.   These can be set under the environment tab and using the + icon to add new variables and values.

Once you have run the wizzard, you can access the container at the port that that is assigned.

If you have stuck with it to the end - I hope you are up and running.  Mileage may vary, this was correct when written and I would be interested in any thoughts you may have.  Did it work for you?  Leave me a comment.