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Toby Treacher

I am learning to write, not literally - I've been able to do it for a while, but now I would like to do it usefully.  I am curious about understanding what it takes to build an audience and write about things that people are interested in reading.

I have spent most of my life working in product management.  Mainly for technology companies but I also founded a couple of business and worked on bringing WiFi to the railway in the UK.

I live in the UK and travel around, coaching, consulting and talking about agile product management.  Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn and if you want to discuss something drop me a note to toby.treacher [at] gmail [dot] com.

Here is an overview of some the things that I am working on

This is a summary of some of the tools that I rate

Here is a list of the books that I think have been useful.